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Welcome to the iShake Project!

Download the free iShake iPhone app to start contributing to the mobile sensing project for earthquakes

The iShake project develops the insights required to create a more objective, quantitative, rapid, and accurate assessment of the distribution of ground shaking during a major earthquake.

"California has a 99.7 percent chance of having a 6.7 magnitude earthquake or larger during the next 30 years." (USGS)

Emergency responders must "see" the effects of a major earthquake clearly and rapidly so that they can effectively respond to the damage it has produced. The goal of the iShake project is to create a system that moves beyond DYFI ("Did You Feel It?") by taking advantage of the accelerometers most people have already in their cell phones, which would collect ground motion intensity parameters during the earthquake, so that an accurate portrayal of the damage effects of an earthquake can be provided to government officials and emergency responders immediately after an event.

Through iShake people will be able to make use of their own smart phones and participate in an effective and valuable process to inform emergency responders in the event of an earthquake.

Below is a video of iShake iPhones undergoing shaking table tests.